Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Alan's Weather - 09/28/11

A few high temperatures yesterday reached the low 80s; Newark Liberty Airport was 80, while Trenton-Mercer County Airport was the highest one of all at 83. Of course, it was noticeably cooler near the beach and boardwalk.

Today, we've already had a few heavy downpours, and there can be a few showers with that kind of concept moving through during today. With humidity, most highs today in the 70s.

Some showers around tonight and tomorrow. Again, there could be some heavy ones tonight or tomorrow. Rather humid 60s tonight, except near 70s south coast.

And highs Thursday 77 to 82, but cooler again near the water.

We'll have clouds and some sunshine Friday with temperatures mostly in the 70s, although there's still the chance of a shower around.

And I can't rule out an afternoon or evening light shower in a few spots on Saturday and Sunday, especially Saturday. But I want to point out that hopefully most of the upcoming weekend will be alright.

Our two tropical storms are just that, actually one tropical storm to be, Ophelia, will be reclassified as one today. Felipe is continuing on its northwestward-north-northwest track. They will be no concern to the United States at all in the days ahead.

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