Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Alan's Weather - 09/13/11

Monday's high temperatures reached the low 80s as expected; 83 in Newark and Atlantic City. The normal high for New Jersey now is 78, so we were a little bit above the seasonal average yesterday.

Today's highs will be in the low to middle 80s with mostly sunny skies and moderate humidity. It'll be in the cooler 70s along the coast. It will be a very nice day, no question about it.

And we'll have some clear skies tonight with some lows in the 60s, maybe a few 50s in the coolest spots, and around 70 near the ocean.

Some sunshine Wednesday back in the 80s, but a bit cooler along the coast. I've taken out the mention of any showers for Wednesday evening and Wednesday night. Instead, I've pushed them back to Thursday.

There's the chance of a few showers Thursday under a partly cloudy sky with highs just in the 70s.

Maria is still a tropical storm heading very slowly toward the northwest. It'll turn north-northwest to north and eventually east in the many days ahead. It'll take a track very similar to what Katia did, passing many hundred miles east of New Jersey in the days ahead.

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