Monday, September 12, 2011

Alan's Weather - 09/12/11

The weekend forecast turned out reasonably close to what we predicted. We predicted clouds and some sunshine with a shower and thunderstorm chance. That was certainly true of Sunday in spots. And Saturday it reached 87 in Atlantic City; 80 yesterday there, although it was in the low to middle 70s elsewhere Sunday.

Well today, we are looking for clouds and some sunshine and temperatures that will be in the lower 80s or so for highs this afternoon, but a bit cooler near the water. There is the chance of perhaps a shower or an isolated thunderstorm popping up in just a few spots. I'm not sure that it'll be very much in the way of activity today.

It may last into the first part of the night in some parts of the state-Central and South Jersey especially. And then we'll get clearing skies overnight, and cooler and drier weather will come in for the next couple of days.

As we look at the tropics, we have Maria, which is going to be turning northwest and north, passing mid-way between Cape Hatteras and Bermuda. That's the track that Katia took not too long ago. That's probably what Maria will take in the many days ahead. Surf will build here in New Jersey in the days ahead, but that's about it.

And that's about it for now. More weather coming along tomorrow.

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