Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Alan's Weather - 10/19/11

Well quite simply, the rain today that occurs in New Jersey can be heavy at times, enough that there can be areas that have between 1 and 2 inches of rain when all is said and done later tonight.

Now, that will hopefully not cause any concern other than minor flooding on roadways. Hopefully, streams, rivers, and creeks will be able to handle the rainfall, and we think it will. There will also be tidal flooding at the times of high tide early this afternoon along the oceanfront and later in the back bays.

Many temperatures will be just in the 60s. And some rain and showers will be around tonight with lows from 58 up to 67.

Windy tomorrow, but this time from the southwest. Dry, patchy clouds and sunshine with most highs Thursday in the upper 60s.

And partly sunny and breezy Friday, but cooler with some highs Friday only in the lower 60s.

That's probably where we will be, in the low to mid 60s, over the weekend with some sunshine. The weekend still looks fine from here.

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