Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Alan's Weather - 10/05/11

Boy, we've got some great weather ahead here in New Jersey. It's going to last not only through the work week, but right on through the weekend and early next week. No thoughts of any rain or showers for many days to come, thankfully.

We'll begin with today. It'll be mostly sunny and a milder Wednesday afternoon with highs in the lower 70s, probably in the realm of 73 or 74.

Tonight, clear and chilly again with some lows in the 40s. In fact, even a few 30s are possible in the lowest spots, and low 50s near the ocean.

Sunny tomorrow and sunny Friday with highs tomorrow in the upper 60s, and a bit cooler than today. It'll be near 70 or so Friday afternoon. It'll probably turn cooler each of the afternoons along the coast with a sea breeze.

The weekend will be filled with sunshine. Low to perhaps mid 70s Saturday, and upper 70s pushing 80 Sunday. Again, it'll be cooler near the beach and boardwalk with a sea breeze both Saturday and Sunday afternoon.

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