Thursday, October 6, 2011

Alan's Weather 10/06/11

Yesterday, I thought 73 or 74 would do it for the high temperature, and it did at Wrightstown and Trenton, but it did reach 75 in Atlantic City and at Newark Liberty Airport as well. So I was pretty close on the number.

Today will mostly be in the upper 60s with sunshine. There should be just enough of a north-northwest breeze to hold off the sea breeze for the most part today.

Tonight will be clear with temperatures back in the 40s, even a few 30s in the coolest spots again, and lower mid 50s in urban and coastal areas.

And pretty simple forecast: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, in fact right into the early part of next week, will have lots of sunshine. High Friday afternoon near 70, mid to perhaps upper 70s Saturday, and 78-82 Sunday. It'll be cooler all three days near the beach and boardwalk with a sea breeze.

Philippe is turning to the northeast now, but will be dying a slow death as it eventually turns into colder Atlantic waters, and becomes a tropical storm in the many days ahead.

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