Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Alan's Weather - 10/04/11

I predicted near 60 yesterday. That worked out with a scattering of showers, also as predicted.

There's the chance of a shower or two around, I suppose, but otherwise sunshine and some clouds with highs in the milder 60s, and probably the mid-60s or so this afternoon.

It should be mainly clear tonight with some lows in the 40s, but low or mid 50s in the big cities and along the beach and boardwalk.

Sunny tomorrow with a brisk wind with highs in the mild or low 70s; 71, 72 may be the way to go.

It'll be sunny again Thursday, but maybe a touch cooler. For some reason, Guidance only wants to have upper 60s, so that's the way I went for highs Thursday afternoon.

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday look excellent from here. I don't see any reason not to pick really nice weather for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. It should be in the 70s this weekend, and perhaps even pushing 80 degrees by the time we get to Sunday just away from the ocean.

Felipe is still hanging in there as a tropical storm, almost a hurricane now. It's going to be shifting from west to the northeast direction farther out to sea in the days ahead.

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